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Marc Chauvette (Bandleader/Guitars/Backup Vocals)

Marc Chauvette (Bandleader/Guitars/Backup Vocals)

Steve Medeiros aka "Big Sexy" (Vocals)

Steve Medeiros aka "Big Sexy" (Vocals)

Ray Whitt (Bass/Backup Vocals)

Ray Whitt (Bass/Backup Vocals)

Mike Codinack "The Animal" (Drums/Percussion)

Mike Codinack "The Animal" (Drums/Percussion)

Russell Hann (Harmonica)

Russell Hann (Harmonica)

Marc Chauvette Jr - Guitars/Backup Vocals

Born into a musically inclined family, Marc Chauvette Jr. was raised in Watertown, New York. At the age of 4, Marc was drawn to the music of Stevie Ray Vaughn while watching a recording of the 1985 Newport Jazz Festival. At the age of 15, before relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada, Marc began teaching himself how to play guitar. After 6 tireless months of plucking away, Marc found a way to express the music he heard in his heart. 

At the age of 16, Marc became a cofounder of the Las Vegas Blues Society. As cofounder, Marc worked alongside Las Vegas Blues musicians to create and maintain the Las Vegas Blues Society website.  During this time, Marc also attended jam sessions in the Las Vegas area with his father Marcus Chauvette Sr (a well known musician in Las Vegas and Upstate New York), and had the opportunity to play with musicians such as Diane Kalley, Scott Rhiner, and Brad Cordle.

In the following years, Marc slowly removed himself from the Las Vegas Blues scene. He continued to hone his musicianship in the privacy of his room while he worked as a phlebotomist. After several years of working at a hospital in Las Vegas, Marc moved to Central California. While creating his new life in California, Marc continued to work as a phlebotomist, and play the Blues at home. 

In the year 2011, Marc finally mustered up the courage to make his debut appearance in the Central Valley music scene at an open jam session hosted by Mike Torres Jr. at Fireside Inn in Lathrop, California. About a year later, while attending a friend’s birthday party, Marc met Stephen Medeiros (Big Sexy) while enjoying the live performance of San Francisco Blues musician, Allen “Ace” Vega. As luck would have it, Allen asked Marc to sit in on a song, and this fueled the fire of the idea of creating a band. 

Not more than a month after Marc played guitar with Allen Vega at his friend’s birthday party, Allen invited Marc’s band to be the opening act for Allen Vega & The Hurricanes at a venue in Livermore, California. Marc accepted the offer, but little did Allen Vega know…Marc did not officially have a band. In the following weeks, Marc relentlessly attended open jam sessions throughout Manteca, Stockton, and Modesto until he found musicians who believed in his musical vision: a high energy Blues band that would leave people wanting to come back for more. With the help of his newfound friends – Stephen Medeiros (vocals), Ray Whitt (bass), & Dan Hopper (drums) – the Marc Chauvette Band made their debut in Livermore, California on November 9, 2012 at Downtown Ollie’s Saloon (now known as Railroad Saloon). 

Since the band’s debut in 2012, Marc has continued as band leader and lead guitar for the Marc Chauvette Band for private and public venues. He was also lead guitar for The Blue Diamond Band, has hosted live music jam sessions, and plays guitar for bands as they need him. 

Marc’s influences include all of the well-known blues musicians from the past and the present. His roots come from musicians such as Albert Collins, B.B. King, and John Lee Hooker, as well as slide players such as Johnny Winter, Robert Nighthawk, and Son House. He also draws inspiration from current blues musicians such as Damon Fowler, Eric Gales, Matt Schofield, Kirk Fletcher, and his good friends , Jeramy Norris,  Brandon McCullough, and Gary Donovan. 

Currently, when Marc is not playing the Blues, he works as a certified Emergency Medical Technician. He resides in Manteca, California with his wife. 

" The future of the blues is in good hands with this young gun!"
     -  Jeramy Norris of Jeramy Norris & The Dangerous Mood  

"Marc is the real deal, he has an old soul and it shines through when he performs, he is humble and always shows gratitude for the pioneers of the music he loves"
 -  Allen “Ace” Vega

Steve Medeiros aka "Big Sexy" - Vocals 

 Stephen Medeiros (Big Sexy) is a Northern California native born in Oakland, and raised in the East Bay area. Growing up, Stephen was exposed to live music when his extended family would play country and bluegrass at family gatherings and parties. Although Stephen did not choose to perform publicly in his youth, he loved to sing for friends and family.  

In 2012, Stephen met Marc Chauvette at a mutual friend’s birthday. After the party ended, Marc and Stephen discussed their passion for live music, and their shared dream of performing in front of a crowd. It was during this chance meeting with Marc that Stephen realized the potential he had to become part of something bigger in the Blues movement.  

Shortly after their first meeting, Marc asked if Stephen would be willing to take the reigns as the front man for a band he was in a hurry to form. Even though Stephen did not have experience as a live Blues vocalist at the time, he accepted the offer and worked closely with Marc to learn all he could about the Blues.  

On November 9, 2012, Stephen made his debut performance as the front man and vocalist for the Marc Chauvette Band. Since then, Stephen has performed with the Marc Chauvette Band at private and public venues, and jam sessions. Stephen also received 2nd place in the 2015 San Joaquin County Battle of the Voices.  

Today, Stephen works as a laboratory technician, and sings the Blues every chance he gets.

Ray Whitt - Bass Guitar 

Life long musician Ray Whitt grew up in Fremont, California. He began playing the guitar when he was about 9 years old. At the age of 15 he began playing the bass, and joined a band with members 7 years older than him. Throughout his musical career, Ray has played bass in several rock/metal bands, as well as a folk rock band. In the early 90s, Ray was a member of a band named Splatterhouse. After suffering a heart attack, Ray then formed the band Dilemma. Ray has also written original music, as well as short horror/science fiction stories.  

Ray enjoys many genres of music. With this in mind, he is influenced by the likes of B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Geezer Butler, Geddy Lee, Ingwie Malmsteen, Stanley Clark, Randy Coven, and John Patitucci.    

After being out of the music scene for nearly 17 years, Ray met Marc Chauvette Jr. at a jam session at Nino’s Place in Modesto, California. During this first meeting, Marc convinced Ray to come audition for a band he was forming. In October 2012, Ray was officially deemed the bass player for The Marc Chauvette Band.  

Mike "Animal" Codinack - Drums and Percussion

 Mike “Animal” Codinack is a California native from San Jose. He has played drums since he was 8 years old, and the bars since he was 10. 

Mike has had the honor to play with many local California musicians and bands, including Heather Gray and Stampede (house band South 40, Fremont), Clark Company Express (house band Fremont Inn, Fremont), Windsong (house band Hyatt House, San Jose), Harmony Grits (Hyatt House circuit), Harold Riley and the Saddlerack Riders (house band Saddle Rack, San Jose), Dave Andrews Band, Pat Green, Branded Band, Reed Sisters, Neon Nites, Faultline, Pinkie Rideau, Time Zone, Silver Rockers, Craig Horton, Alvin Draper, No Borders Blues Band, Blue Diamond Band, Ray Reynolds Jr. and Country Time Band, Sumac and Soul Heaven Band, and others. 

Mike has also enjoyed playing cruise ships, Tahoe, Canada, and Hawaii. During his lifetime, Mike has had the privilege to play with many great performers, including Martha and the Vandellas, Sly and the Family Stone, John Mayall and the Blues Breakers, Elvin Bishop, Bo Diddley, Lady Bo, Chris Cain, and Charlie Musselwhite. He has even had the opportunity to jam with Billy Gibbons of the fabulous ZZ Top! 

Mike has had the opportunity to play all types of music, but he has a passion for the Blues. This love for Blues is how Mike found his way to the Marc Chauvette Band.

Russell Hann - Harmonica

 Russell Hann is a California native that has been part of the Central California music scene for several decades, and was one of the original musicians that started the jam session at Fireside Inn in Lathrop, California. When he was younger, Russell played the drums. However, after an accident left Russell unable to play the drums, he decided to express his love for Blues with the harmonica, and has been playing the harmonica for 19 years. 

One auspicious night in 2012, Russell met Marc Chauvette Jr. when they played a few songs together at the Fireside Inn jam session. It was that night that Marc Chauvette Jr. asked Russell if he would like to be part of a band, and Russell graciously accepted. On December 15, 2012 Russell’s performed his first gig as part of the Marc Chauvette Band at R-Place in Livermore, California. 

Russell has been featured in two studio recorded albums, and has been part of three other bands. 
Currently, Russell continues to play harmonica for the Marc Chauvette Band in public and private venues, at jam sessions, and wherever he is needed. When Russell is not playing the Blues he works a full time job.